Inland Marine and Global Cargo Insurance

Despite what the name suggests, inland marine insurance is not designed to insure your business while at sea; quite the contrary, in fact, as these policies cover your business for losses during grounds shipping, storage, and delivery. If your business does a good deal of any of those, you may want to consider inquiring about an inland marine policy. As always, our solutions are tailored to your business needs to get you the optimal coverage at the best price.

Note that these policies can also be expanded to include specialized shipping and storage where applicable, such as art exhibition and stansportation of construction materials. If you think your company’s operations may include a special shipping or storage circumstance, feel free to mention as much in your inquiry.

For more information about obtaining inland marine and global cargo insurance, we encourage you to contact Joe by phone at 310-414-2100 ext. 1002, or by email at . Alternatively, you can contact Michael by phone at 310-414- 2100 ext. 1003, or by email at .