Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

Also known as Professional Liability or Professional Indemnity Insurance, an E&O policy protects you and your business from negligence claims pertaining to professional advice and the provision of service. While standard Liability Insurance covers liability for direct forms of harm, Errors and Omissions protects you in the event that you cause a financial loss, err in your service, or fail to perform for a client where there is an obligation to do so. Depending on your area of practice, E&O may be required by law, contractually obligatory, or totally optional; no matter your reason, Beach Financial Group will make sure you have the coverage you need.

For more information about obtaining an E&O policy, we encourage you to contact Joe by phone at 310-414-2100 ext. 1002, or by email at . Alternatively, you can contact Michael by phone at 310-414-2100 ext. 1003, or by email at .

Note that coverage is generally limited to liabilities enumerated in your policy. If you have questions as to what these are, please feel free to ask.